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Bartoline Sugar Soap Powder

Bartoline Sugar Soap Powder

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Bartoline Traditional Powder Sugar Soap is a powerful and effective non-detergent, low suds cleaner. Blended from several different powders, it has been used by professional decorators for many years’, for preparing surfaces prior to painting. It cuts through grease and grime, including nicotine stains, and makes repainting easier. May be used both inside and outside.

Application: Preparing surfaces prior to painting and flattening gloss paint to allow repainting without the need for undercoating. Will remove old paint stains from masonry, facing slabs and stonework. Removes moss from flagstones. Also suitable for cleaning garage floors and driveways. Will clean oil and grease from concrete and asphalt surfaces; may be used for cleaning baths, basins and ceramic tiles; and for use as a general household cleaner.

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