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Arroworthy Rembrandt Beaver Tail Brush

Arroworthy Rembrandt Beaver Tail Brush

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The Arroworthy Rembrandt Beaver Tail Flat Brush is a high-quality paintbrush designed for various painting applications. The brush is named after its distinctive beaver tail-shaped handle, which provides a comfortable grip and enhances control during painting.

The brush features a flat bristle shape, meaning that the bristles are arranged in a straight line across the brush head. This design allows for smooth, even paint application and precise cutting-in around edges and corners. The bristles are made of durable synthetic fibers or a blend of synthetic and natural fibers, depending on the specific model.

Arroworthy is a renowned brand known for producing high-quality painting tools, and the Rembrandt Beaver Tail Flat Brush is no exception. It is suitable for both professional painters and hobbyists who seek a reliable and versatile brush for their painting projects.

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